Private practice for regenerative
Orthopedics and

Holistic orthopaedics, osteopathy, posture and movement medicine

In our private practice, it is our goal to give you more freedom of movement and ease in everyday life at any age. Our therapeutic concept always takes the whole body into account and aims to activate your self-healing powers and initiate regenerative processes.

The basis for ideal orthopaedic care is always an understanding of the muscles and tissue, combined with knowledge from other specialist areas.We aim to always make enough time for you and treat you with attentiveness and presence.

Mindfulness, presence and professional competence

We take a lot of time, listen to you carefully and carry out a thorough and comprehensive diagnosis to get to the bottom of the real causes of your complaints.

Unique, holistic diagnostics and therapy concept

We combine modern conventional orthopaedics with procedures from regenerative medicine, osteopathy and holistic posture and movement medicine.

Fast and sustainable therapy results

Our aim is to relieve your acute pain, activate your body's own self-healing powers and restore your body's movement harmony in the long term.

Highly qualified interdisciplinary team

Our team combines extensively trained specialists with physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports scientists and other highly qualified health professionals.

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